San Jose del Cabo Church

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San Jose del Cabo Church, miscalled San Jose Mission, is located in the heart of San Jose´s Historic District. The building as we know it today was restored in 1940 and is the most visited tourist attraction downtown.

The first San Jose del Cabo Church was built when the San Jose del Cabo Anuiti Mission was founded in April 8th 1730 by Jesuitical Friar Nicolas Tamaral.

The Mission was built near the estuary, where Plaza la Mision is located nowadays, but very soon the Friar had to change its location because of health issues. He moved to the area known today as San Jose Viejo.

In 1734 an uprising was started by the Pericues Indians, Friar Tamaral was killed and the Mission was completely destroyed.

Mosaic depicting the killing of Frair Nicolas Tamaral
Mosaic depicting the killing of Friar Nicolas Tamaral.

In 1737, after the Pericues rebellion was suffocated, the Spanish Crown founded a military post, near to the shore, to protect the galleons that came from Manila and disembarked to replenish water and fresh food.

Friar Segismundo Taraval was sent to rebuild the Mission and he settled near the military post.

In 1753 the Mission was relocated to Santa Rosa. In 1793 the Church was flooded and it was not until 1799 that it was rebuilt.

In 1822 the town was assaulted by filibuster Lord Thomas Cochrane, the church was severely damaged and therefore abandoned.

In 1833 all the Missions in The Californias were secularized and converted into towns.
It was decided that each of the former Missions would have a church and a cemetery.

In 1840 the construction of a new Church began in San Jose at its actual location but that building was nearly destroyed by a hurricane that devastated the area in 1918.

San Jose Church destroyed

Due to the Revolution War and following struggles the Church rebuilding was not completed until 1940.

The Comboni Missionaries served the San Jose Church from 1948 to 1986. Nowadays it is served by diocesan clergy.

Mass Times
Monday through Friday  7.00 am
Saturday  7.30 am
Sunday   7.00 am.     10.00 am.     12.00 pm. (English)     7.00 pm.

Church Store
Monday through Wednesday  9.00 am  to  1.00 pm
Thursday and Friday  9.00 am  to  1.00 pm  and   5.00 pm  to  7.00 pm

Contact Church
Phone: 624 142 0064

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