San Jose del Cabo Weather

San Jose del Cabo weather is one of the assets the area offers its visitants. Blue sky and warm sunshine are a constant in the weather forecast allowing the tourists and locals to enjoy the beautiful beaches. San Jose del Cabo climate is considered to be dry semi-arid.

San Jose is located at the tip of the Baja California Peninsula. Baja California is part of the Sonora Desert area and San Jose's coast line is in between the Pacific Ocean and Gulf of California or Mar de Cortez. The combination of desert vegetation with the blue ocean and palm trees is unique and breathtaking.

Over the last years, with climate conditions changing everywhere in the world, May has become a great month to visit us, it's warm during the day and it cools down at night, sea temperature is great and the crowds from the high season can be avoided. Great hotel and airfare deals can be found during this month.

Rain season comes together with the hurricane season, from July through September thus most of the rain in the area is caused by hurricanes.

Winter in San Jose is more like spring although sometimes it can get chilly. Los Cabos high season spans from November to April, these are the nicest months of the year to visit San Jose, no AC is needed and you can walk at the streets at noon or go to the beach without a shade.

From January through April, Gray whales come to Baja to spend the winter and give birth. Whale watching is a great plus in winter time.

The coldest months of the year are January and February; temperatures can drop to 10°C  (50°F) at night. During the day the sun shines and the sky is blue with temperatures that can go from 20°C to 24°C  (68°F to 75°F).

Summertime spans from May through October, is also the low season and the hurricane season is from July through October. It rarely rains without a hurricane or tropical storm.

While visiting San Jose in summer, wear light clothing and a hat, drink lots of water and use sunscreen. If you are trying to get a tan, do it gradually to avoid painful sun burning. Average summer temperatures are 30°c to 35°c c  (85°f to 95°f) during the day, dropping to 20°c to 24°c c  (68°f to 75°f) at night. From August through September temperatures may reach 40°c. c (104°f)

So if you don't mind the heat, take advantage on the good deals hotels offer in the low season and enjoy the more relaxed summer, and if you are looking for a bit of sunshine during a cold winter and love to be in the buzz, come in the winter and you may find yourself swimming with whales!

Current San Jose del Cabo Weather Conditions

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