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San Jose del Cabo is the administrative head of Los Cabos County, in Baja California Sur State. Together with Cabo San Lucas they are known as Los Cabos (The Capes) one of the most visited tourists destinations in Mexico.

The town was founded as a Jesuitical Mission in April 8th 1730. To know more about San Jose's history plese click here.

San Jos Anuiti Mission

San Jose Mission at the time it was located in present-day Santa Rosa (1769)

According to the National Institute of Geography and Statistics 2010 census, San Jose del Cabo has 69,788 inhabitants, 35868 men and 33920 women.

With the tourist destination development many jobs were created; San Jose del Cabo was then a very small town and many people were brought from other parts of the country to fill those job positions.

Many U.S and Canadian citizens that fell for the place beauty decided to make it their second home and live here on the winter or stay all year around therefore Los Cabos has a multicultural population.

San Jose del Cabo Time
San Jose del Cabo and the whole Baja California Sur State belong to the Mexican Pacific Time Zone which is equivalent to the U.S. Mountain Time Zone. Summer time or Daylight saving time begins the first Sunday of April and ends the last Sunday of October.

San Jose del Cabo has a dry semi-arid weather with minimal rain; sunny and blue sky days make the beaches quiet enjoyable. To read more about San Jose's climate conditions and check San Jose's weather forecast, please click here.

Typical Food
Being next to the sea, San Jose offers a hand full of fresh fish and seafood prepared in many ways, not to be missed are the breaded shrimp and fish tacos.

Very traditional to the area are:
  • Machaca Burritos
  • Dried meat prepared with onion, tomato and chili peppers wrapped in flour tortilla.

  • Queso fresco
  • Crumbly white cheese made from partially skimmed milk; lightly tangy and very subtle; usually sold in small round cakes.

  • Wheat Flour Tortillas

  • Mango Jelly
Traditional Beverages
No it's not margarita although there are some bars that prepare a cocktail with its liqueur!
Damiana Liqueur and Damiana Tea are the traditional beverages in the area.

Damiana is a small bush that grows wild in the area and has aphrodisiac and stress reliever properties.

Damiana Liqueur
Traditional Damiana Liqueur bottle

Folk Art
Unlike other parts of Mexico in Baja California the native population did not survive the Spanish conquest.

The area was settled by Spaniards and their descendants who developed the saddle ware; jewelry made with shells and coral; basketry plaited of palm leaves and wooden boxes and frames made with jumping cholla wood.

These crafts are no longer made in San Jose; the affluence of tourism created new jobs that were better paid than crafting and artisans stopped making them. Small villages in the north of the county such as Miraflores and Santiago continue this crafting tradition.

Los Cabos was conceived as a high end tourist destination with world class golf courses and luxurious resorts; its geographic position made it accessible mostly by plain, although many people drive the whole Peninsula from up north to enjoy Los Cabos.

San Jose has always been Los Cabos tranquil sister; people that want to relax and enjoy a Mexican town choose it over Cabo San Lucas. In winter time, the high season, people from the US and Canada rush south for a sunny break while during the summer, the off season, Europeans and Mexicans enjoy the heat.

Costa Azul beach

Costa Azul beach

Special Holidays
San Jose del Cabo Holidays calendar observes the same holidays and celebrations as the whole country and as every town in Mexico the Patron Saint Festivities are very important to the community.

The Celebrations are called Fiestas de Marzo and span for a week, being March 19th Saint Joseph Day the most important day.

The festivities include a fair a palenque (cock fight arena), a cattle exposition and a charreada. Many stands that sale traditional food, spirited drinks, crafts and all kinds of goodies are erected.

Every evening several local musicians and dancers are presented in the square's open air theater and at the end of the night a nationally recognized artist will entertain the crowd for free.

On the morning of the 19th a parade is held in the streets of the Historic District. Tourists are more than welcome to the celebrations, a great opportunity to mingle with locals and get to know the real San Jose.

San Jose del Cabo fiestas

From the beginning of the 1980´s San Jose main activity has been tourism, after 2000 a real estate boom took over tourism and many people moved in to work on construction and all the services provided to the houses and condos built over the last years.

Most properties were sold to American and Canadian tourists and with the world economic crisis of 2008 real estate diminished and many people related to the business left Los Cabos for good. Nowadays tourism is again the main economic activity.

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