San Jose del Cabo History

Baja California cave paintings   (9,500 - 3,000  years Before Present)

San Jose del Cabo history is plenty of interesting events that reflect the toughness of the environment and the indomitable spirit of the people who have lived in here.

Unfortunately the popular San Jose del Cabo history is plagued with misconceptions and myths, most of them invented by tourist guides that, lacking official information, know nothing about the real events that shaped town´s history.

These stories grow by themselves and nowadays every tourist hears a different tale when daring to ask about San Jose del Cabo history.

This situation is widely known by the residents and has hit local press several times. The local administration has set a campaign to educate tourist guides, concierges, taxi drivers and anybody who wants to learn the real history of San Jose.

Over the years at the store we were asked about the true history of the town and have received comments with the unbelievable tales our visitants have heard.

With these questions and myths in mind we are trying to present you with the most accurate information available nowadays about the real historic events that have made San Jose del Cabo the beautiful town we all like and enjoy.

To fully understand San Jose del Cabo history is necessary to go beyond the area's chronicle, making this story quiet extensive. Therefore we have divided the narration in the following chapters:

The Pericues  40,000 ? - 11,000 years ago to 1534
The Pericue occupation is the only successful self-sustaining colonization effort made in this area to this day.

Hernan Cortes expeditions to the Californias   1532 to 1540
The conquest of California was the last audacious dream of the ambitious Conquistador.

Origin of the name California   1535 to 1562
How come that this inhospitable land was named after the rich and bountiful kingdom of The Calafias.

The "pirates" in San Jose   1578 to 1750
The true story about the English and Dutch privateers who ruled the southern waters of the Sea of Cortes.

Failed California Conquering Attempts   1596 to 1685
Fortunes spent by the Spanish Crown and fortunes made by the pearl fishers.

The Missionary Conquest   1697 to 1833
The sad chronicles of a cultural clash that caused the Pericues decimation.

The Mexican-American War   1846 to 1848
Baja California society became deeply divided after the annexation of the peninsula to the U.S.

The Concessions Era   1864 to 1930
Was the leasing of vast parts of the Baja California peninsula to U.S. Colonization Companies perhaps a consequence of a secret clause on the U.S.-Mexico peace treaty ?

The Tourism Explosion   1950 to Present
The best kept secret becomes a world-class resort.

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