San Jose del Cabo Historic Places

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San Jose del Cabo Historic Places and Buildings are located in the Historic District, which used to be the whole town till the 1970´s.

San Jose was founded as a Jesuitical Mission in 1730 but lasted only a few years in the original place and changed its location several times. By the beginning of the XIX century the church was established in its actual location and so the town grew around it.

Before FONATUR's remodeling in the late 70's most of the economic, politic and cultural activities were held in La Calle Ancha.

The City Hall, La Voz del Sur, Town's School and the Movie Theater were all located in this street along with the houses of the wealthiest families.

With the development of the tourist destination many people left their houses to rent them as business premises therefore most of downtown´s houses are now stores, hotels and restaurants.

Although a few buildings remain as they were built at the end of the 19th Century, some of them have been remodeled imitating the town's architectural style and most of them were renovated losing their original style.

Fonatur remodeling

FONATUR's Town Remodeling

The historic places you should not miss while visiting San Jose's Historic District are:

The Church
Known as well as Mission San Jose, although is not the original church built by the Jesuits, it is San Jose most important Catholic church and the Historic District main attraction.

San Jose Church

The City Hall
Houses Los Cabos County Major office and many local government agencies, its walls portray passages of the county´s history.

San Jose City Hall

La Casa de La Cultura
Translated to English as the House of Culture, used to be the priest's house and during the Mexican- U.S. War was taken by the American army as their headquarters.

San Jose Casa de La Cultura

Jardin de los Cabeños Ilustres
The Illustrious Cabeños Garden is the place where the busts of the men and woman, whose contribution to the community is considered crucial in its development, are placed.

Jardin Cabenos Ilustres

Mijares Square
The Plaza Mijares named after the local hero, Lt. Jose Antonio Mijares, is locals and tourists social hub, many cultural events around the year are held in the square open theater.

Mijares Square

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