San Jose del Cabo City Hall

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San Jose del Cabo City Hall is located at the end of Blvd. Mijares and Doblado St. on the Mijares Square. The building houses many Los Cabos County premises including the Major's office.

San Jose City Hall

City Hall History
The construction of the building began in 1888 and it was finally inaugurated in 1927. The clock tower was finished in 1930.

Before having its own building the power plant was installed there and it worked from 19.00 to 22.00 hrs. In 1936 an ambulant movie theater was installed in the City hall's patio.

A humorous anecdote is still told about how a farmer that was seating in the front row saw a group of horses coming from the screen towards him and stood up to scare them away!

Over the years the building has been remodeled a few times, mostly inside with the construction of more offices and the painting of murals in the interior walls depicting the area's history.

Los Cabos City Hall 1957

San Jose City Hall in 1957

Los Cabos County History
In 1917 a constitutional reform establishes the free county in Mexico and therefore San Jose del Cabo becomes a county and elections are held every year to choose a Major and a County Council.

In 1928 the law that regulates federal territories is reformed and the free counties are dissolved in the Baja California Federal Territory.

In 1929 San Jose del Cabo was named delegacion politica or district together with La Paz, Mulege, Comundu, Todos Santos and Santiago.

In 1971 free counties were reestablished in the Baja California territory, La Paz, Mulege and Comundu counties are then established.

In 1974 Baja California is named by the National Congress a Free State and in 1980 The State Congress promulgated the creation of Los Cabos County. In 1981 the First County Council of Los Cabos began to operate.

Los Cabos City Hall

Antonio Mijares memorial and City Hall building in the late 1930's

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