San Jose del Cabo Casa de la Cultura

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San Jose del Cabo Casa de la Cultura or Arts Center is located in the back of Mijares Square at Obregon St.

A casa de la cultura in Mexico is a place where everybody can access the different belle arts. Literature, painting, acting, dancing and music workshops are open for anybody who wants to attend.

Usually a small stage is available to set spectacles free of charge. This concept was taken from the idea developed by André Malreaux the minister of culture during the De Gaulle presidency in France.

San Jose Casa de La Cultura

San Jose del Cabo Casa de la Cultura History
The place where La Casa de la Cultura is located nowadays used to mark the end of the
Broad Street or La Calle Ancha, and the end of the town. Behind it was San Jose Creek.

During the Mexican -US war from 1846 to 1848 the American troops and their local sympathizers commanded by Captain Heywood took the building (at the time the priest's house) together with others houses next to it and resisted the Mexicans siege locked in there. Some town stories account of a tunnel made from the priest's house to the church.

Later on the town´s power plant was settled there. In August 28th 1974 San Jose´s Casa de la Cultura was established in that place and named after Alfredo Green Gonzales.

Alfredo, son of Ildefonso Green Ceseña, was born in Cabo San Lucas in 1895, he worked as a teacher from 1912 until 1923 when he was one of the first persons of the area to won a scholarship in Mexico City. In 1928 he came back to Baja California Sur and became the Director of Cultural Developing in the territory and the Todos Santos Teacher's School Head Master.

In 2007 murals representing different artistic manifestations were painted by local artists inside and in the front walls of the building.

Besides the regular workshops La Casa de la Cultura organizes a weekly event called Jardin del Arte or Art's Garden, in Mijares Square. Local painters and craftsmen exhibit their work while a local musician entertains the crowd.

Open Hours Monday to Saturday 9 am to 8 pm. Telephone (624) 146 9836.

San jose del Cabo Casa de Cultura

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