The Samson Story

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        The Samson Story Amate Drawing

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  • Author :
  • Cristino Flores Medina.

  • Description:
  • The Samson Story is a horizontal drawing representing the Bible passage where Samson is attacked by an Asian lion. The drawing is framed by three different layers of borders that repeat one after the other with amazing precision.

    On the middle top between the mountains on a starry sky, the sun watches the scene: a bare-handed man fighting a lion. The fighting area is doted. Samson and the Lion are surrounded by men and on the right side a woman is watching with them.

    To the right from the sun, on the heights of a mountain a house stands alone while coming down from the mountains several houses are aligned in rows on both sides of the drawing. On the right bottom corner a big paddle cactus stands laden with prickly pears while on the opposite side a cardon cactus levels the composition.

    The scene is happening on the woods, there are trees, plants and flowers all around.

  • Story Background:
  • For more information about The Samson Story drawing's theme please click on this link

  • Signature:
  • Cristino Flores Medina de Ameyaltepec, GRO MEXCO esta historia de sanson

  • Technique:
  • India Ink hand drawing on Amate paper.

  • Style:
  • Please mouseover to get style information.

  • Size:
  • 60 cms. x 40 cms. aprox.
    23.6 in. x 15.7 in. approx.

  • Weight:
  • 35 grams aprox.
    1.3 ounces approx.

  • List Price:
  • 375.00 USD

  • Shipment Fee:
  • Free shipping to Mexico, USA and Canada.
    A fee will be added to other Countries' shipments.

  • Packing:
  • Cardboard box.
    Size:          5 x 5 x 46 cms.   2 x 2 x 18 in.
    Weight:   450 grams    16 ounces

  • Shipping Method:
  • DHL with tracking.

  • Delivery Time:
  • Mexico, USA and Canada: 3 - 6 business days.
    Other Countries: 6 - 10 business days.

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    Customer Testimonials
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    Quality Products Feb 03, 2016

    After my dad passed away I inherited a couple of art pieces from Mexico as I decided to check on the artist that had signed the pieces so I got in contact with Dyana when I saw their ad regarding religious art which has always interested me and as I had communication with her I noticed that they had several pieces of Amate drawings signed by Cristino Flores so I purchased one that I felt would preserve my Catholic upbringing and during this process I was very impressed with the promptness of the mailing and the caring to get it up here to Montana as quickly as possible. When it arrived the packing and care was very evident that I knew this business is there to serve me and any customer. The tube that the drawing was shipped in was big and heavy. So very impressive. Thanks again Dyana for your caring and prompt shipping. I will order again!

    Montana, USA
    Excellent Amate Drawings Aug 03, 2015

    I collect contemporary religious art and have been looking for amate paper drawings and paintings on sacred themes. Most of those I found looked like mass-produced pieces, so, I was surprised by the quality and craftsmanship of the Cristino Flores drawings on your website. Real works of art! The one I bought on the Last Supper is a great addition to my collection. Thanks, Copal.

    John K.
    Ohio, USA
    Prettier in Person Jul 01, 2014

    I ordered four papier mache butterflies. I have them resting on a stone wall. They are even more beautiful and substantial than depicted in pictures. They are very well made and I know that I will enjoy them for many years. Thank you Copal.

    Carmel, CA USA
    Gorgeous Flowers Apr 25, 2013

    I ordered the paper flowers dahlias which came exactly as shown and exceeded my expectations! Dyana was wonderful and so responsive. I was amazed at the time she took to send me a demo video on how to unfold the flowers. Do not hesitate to buy from Copal!

    Vikram Sikand
    Weehawken, NJ USA
    Colorful Painted Fish Mobile Feb 15, 2013

    When in San Francisco, my granddaughter and I saw a painted fish mobile hanging on a porch. My granddaughter pointed at it every time we walked by.

    I contacted the homeowner to find out where I could get a similar mobile. Her sister had given it as a gift having found it on a trip to Cabo.

    Since I was not traveling to Cabo, I searched the internet and found Copal online. Dyana was able to locate the fish mobile for me and shipped it in a timely fashion. Actually, I bought 2 of the mobiles - one to give as a gift.

    Dyana was helpful. I am delighted! Thank you.

    Golden, Colorado, USA
    My Papier Mache Butterfly Collection Nov 12, 2012

    A number of years ago, while visiting my sister in Cabo, I happened upon Copal (the brick-and-mortar version, now, sadly, gone).

    It was a beautiful shop with many wondrous items that we spent quite some time perusing. But what really caught my eye was the fabulous wall of papier mache butterflies.

    I bought 7 or 8 to put on the wall above my bed. Some time later, when my sister was about to come visit me, I asked her to pick out some more for me.

    This year, my husband and I were remodeling our master bath. We decided, what better way to decorate than with, of course, MORE butterflies. So I went online and Googled "papier mache butterflies" and what site did I find but the brand-new *online* incarnation of Copal.

    I didn't recognize the name, but there was a photo of the old store and there was that wonderful wall of butterflies! I couldn't believe it. So I emailed, asking about the butterflies, and Dyana sent me lots of photos of choices.

    SUCH hard decisions. I finally settled on 9 of them and they now adorn, and bring to life, our brand new bathroom!

    Dyana was fabulous to deal with. Very responsive and helpful. I wish her all the best in her new online venture!

    Susan Russell
    Menlo Park, CA
    Custom Made Mayan Hammock Aug 23, 2012

    I am delighted to share with you my shopping experience at Copal:

    Many years ago I traveled to Yucatan with my parents and they bought me the most beautiful hammock, made with my favorite colors, turquoise and white.

    I used it a lot specially for naps and when I became a mom my kids grew to like it as much as I did. But 3 kids playing and jumping on the hammock were fatal and it was tore apart.

    Needless to say how sad it made me to loose my dear hammock. But there was nothing to do except to get a another one.

    Surfing on the web I came across this site and asked them if I could order a custom made hammock. They were so easy going, I sent them pictures of my old hammock and soon I have ordered a Hammock the same size and colors as the one my parents bought me.

    The only thing I changed was the material as Dyana explained to me that Nylon is more resistant than cotton.

    My hammock was delivered to me a few weeks later and it is as beautiful and comfortable as the one I had!

    Thank you so much for your kind help and for the VIP discount which I am going to use buying some of your beautiful butterflies for my daughter, whose a butterfly lover!

    Good Luck!

    La Joya, CA.

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