About Samson

Samson and the Lion

Samson History

Samson meaning "from the sun" is one of the last Judges of the ancient Israel mentioned in the Bible. Samson was granted supernatural strength by God to combat his enemies and perform heroic feats.

The first time he felt his supernatural strength was on the way to ask for his girlfriend's hand in marriage. Samson was attacked by an Asian Lion and simply grabed it and riped it apart, as the spirit of God moved upon him, divinely empowering him.

Samson killed 1000 philistines with an ass jaw. Later he was defeated by his mistress, Delilah, who cut his hair and made him lose his supernatural strength. He was imprisoned by the Philistines and they took his eyes out.

Time went by and once on a Philistine temple he asked to be set near the pillars that sustained the place, so he could rest. Samson asked God to give him his strength just once more and he collapsed the temple killing himself and 3000 Philistines.

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