About Nativity Scenes

Nativity Scenes History

A Nativity Scene is composed by Baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph and The Angel.
Other figures are The Three Wise Man, an ox, a donkey, shepherds and sheep.

The first Nativity Scene was represented by Saint Francis of Assisi in 1223 on a cave near Greccio in Italy. Saint Francis had just returned from the Holy land and wanted to show the humble origins of Jesus.

Later the depiction of Nativity Scenes was made with wooden, clay or stone figurines.
By the 14th Century Franciscans adopted the creation of the Nativity scenes as a preaching element.

The use of Nativity Scenes in Christmas became a tradition for the general population in Italy and later in Spain and other European countries.

In America the use of Nativity Scenes had an evangelization purpose.
The representations were different from the European because there were not the same natural elements such as plants and animals but the rural element of the depiction was always kept.

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