Miguel Pineda

Miguel Pineda is a Mexican enamellist internationally known for his artistic high quality enamel pieces. Especially appreciated are his reproductions of Mayan and Aztec gods and his Catholic images.

Life and Work
Miguel Pineda Godoy was born in Mexico City in 1940 and was introduced to enameling by Maggie Howe, American born artist who opened an enamel work shop in the Mexican capital.

Pineda studied with her from 1958 to 1960; afterwards he devoted to experiment on his own, learning new techniques and specializing in cloisonné, champlevé, sgrafitto and painted enamel. From 1966 he has fully dedicated to enameling.

Nowadays he has an extensive catalog that include jewelry, trays, vases, plates, pictures and chalices in copper, silver or 24k gold plated.

His designs include a wide variety of Pre-Columbian scenes and idols based on the Mayan and Aztec codices, modern abstract art, Byzantine, orthodox and catholic images and original designs that are influenced by the different themes he works with.

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His artwork has been exhibited in Spain, the United States and Mexico and he is a permanent exhibitor in Mexico City's Bazar del Sabado since 1972, which is an exhibition center founded in 1960 by Ignacio Romero who designed the space and called a group of excellent artists to exhibit their work there. A special committee evaluates an artist's work before accepting him as a permanent member of this renowned center.

Pineda has been appointed by the Catholic Church to do several religious enameled pieces, among the most important are the panels decorating the 36 doors of the famous Shrine of the Virgin of Guadalupe in Mexico City.

The panels (15" x 32") are made up of sections of champlevé enamel on copper. It took him three years to plan, design and carry out this work. He also made the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe placed in the chapel of San Lorenzo in the Vatican. It is a single piece of copper measuring 2 ft. by 3 ft., enameled with mixed techniques.

Miguel Pineda at work

Pineda Godoy at work

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