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Corrido La Cucaracha

The Mexican Corrido History

The corrido is a popular narrative song. It consists of a salutation and a prologue to the story, the story itself and a moral and farewell from the singer. The earliest corridos are adapted versions of Spanish romances and European stories such as "La Delgadina".

During Revolution War (1910-1921) the genre flourished and its epic songs were used to communicate news throughout Mexico and as a response to the propaganda spread in the newspapers owned by the government supporters.

The best known Revolutionary corrido is La cucaracha, an old song that was rephrased by the constitutionalist army to mock Victoriano Huerta. Corridos were sold or given away in music sheets but because of the great illiteracy of the time they were mostly orally transmitted.

Corridos about peasants that had immigrated to the USA were among the most popular after the Revolution until the narco-corrido was created. These corridos talk about the life of drug growers and traffickers.

Thanks to the technological revolution of our time the corrido reaches a far larger audience than ever.

La Adelita Corrido by Mexican folk singer Lucha Moreno.

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