Nicolas de Jesus

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Nicolas de Jesus is an internationally acclaimed engraver and painter from Ameyaltepec, a small village located in La Mezcala a Nahuatl region on the Rio Balsas Basin in the Mexican State of Guerrero.

Nicolas de Jesus

Born on December, 6 1960 Nicolas has traveled around the world showing his etching made on the traditional handmade amate paper.

Ameyaltepec is the cradle of amate paper paintings; Nicolas is the nephew of Pedro de Jesus who together with Cristino Flores Medina pioneered this folk art style that helps the painters to narrate their traditions in intricate scenes.

He learned to paint on amate paper from his father Pablo de Jesus and in the 1980's was taught etching and other printing techniques by Felipe Ehrenberg.

The young artist had adopted the traditional amate painting composition with many detailed characters and a great empty space surrounding the image to suggest distance.

Like other artists from his town Nicolas uses his art work to portray his people traditions, culture and their problems as a marginalized minority.

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The Funeral by Nicolas de Jesus

The Funeral

Another constant theme on de Jesus work is Day of the Dead. Greatly influenced by engraver Jose Guadalupe Posada, Nicolas has declared himself an admirer of the great artist and praises not only the way Posada used satire and wit but his social engagement.

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Fiesta de los Muertos by Nicolas de Jesus

Fiesta de los Muertos

Nicolas de Jesus work shows a deep political awareness of local and global issues such as immigration, war, repression and ecological matters.

Nicolas calls himself "an engraver, a defender of the rights of indigenous people and an anticlerical."

In the 1990's de Jesus moved to Chicago where he incorporated to his themes urban life in the USA.

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Despierta America by Nicolas de Jesus

Wake Up America.

Using wit and satire in his work Nicolas has successfully expressed his culture and ideas and has traveled to exhibit his art and give workshops to the USA, Canada, Brazil, England, France, Germany, Holland, Japan, Indonesia and many other countries.

At the time Nicolas lives in Guerrero, Mexico where he organizes and gives workshops to local artists and children as a way to help his community.

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